Accessibility improvements in Windows 11 and iOS 16 are promising for the future

Recently, we’ve seen Microsoft and Apple release major updates to their operating systems, including Windows 11 and iOS 16, and one of the big underpinning features for both is, finally, accessibility.

The topic is not limited to just one aspect – from web accessibility to visual accessibility, there are features on your PC or iPhone that have been around for years, but you may never be aware of them.

Amazon Fire HD 8 (2022): Amazon’s new cheap tablet is here with three brothers

The new Amazon Fire HD 8 has been released; This 2022 update to Amazon’s mid-sized tablet family replaces the 2020 model and has four different tablets in all.

That’s right, Amazon released four tablets: There’s the standard Fire HD 8, a Plus model, a Kids’ Edition version, and a Kids’ Edition Pro device, because Amazon clearly isn’t worried about confusing its shoppers with too many options.