Apple iPad 2022 Live Blog: M2 iPad Pro and an expected new entry-level iPad


Still no word from Apple, but every time the clock rings, we get closer. The last word was CEO Tim Cook’s tweet earlier this morning, and we’ve found a clue, or at least an indication that we’re looking at an iPad Pro.

Among all the floating doodles passing by is a dual-lens camera, similar to the one on the current iPad Pro. This tablet gets a camera upgrade between iPads, with a 12MP main camera and a 10MP ultra wide-angle lens. Apple calls this the Pro camera system.

A camera bump is right of center, with a doodle flash (Image credit: Twitter / @tim_cook)

It is unclear whether the Apple M2 chip will benefit from a better camera setup because this chipset is used in laptops, not mobile devices. The Apple A16 platform on its newest iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max is a very different beast from the Apple M2 chipset.

Still, we saw camera improvements on the Apple Macbook Pro that used the M2 chip over its predecessor. This is likely due to improved hardware, but image processing is part of the chip’s design.

Of course, there could be no camera updates coming. Camera bump is one of the few identifiable features on an iPad. Otherwise it’s just a slab of glass now that the home button is gone. If Apple wants to tease the launch of the iPad, there aren’t many doodle options.

A black square surrounded by rainbow light and the Apple and M2 logo in the center

(Image credit: Apple, with modification from )

Let’s talk about the all-important Apple M2 chip that we hope to run the show inside these new October iPads.

First introduced at Apple’s WWDC 2022 event in June, it’s already working on some MacBooks – as mentioned earlier. Despite its name, in terms of performance, the M2 sits below the M1 Pro and M1 Max (announced in October 2021), as well as (unsurprisingly) the M1 Ultra shown off in March of this year.

To quote Apple, compared to the standard M1, the M2 has an “18% faster CPU, 35% more powerful GPU, and 40% faster Neural Engine. It also offers 50% more memory bandwidth compared to the M1 and up to 24GB of fast unified memory”.

The hook that is most important when it comes to iPads is the promise of greater energy efficiency. The iPad Pro 2021 with M1 technology promises ten hours of use per charge, but in practice we’ve found the tablet rarely lives up to that promise. Fortunately, with the M2, Apple can increase that number by an hour (or more).

A blurred view of the Apple Newsroom page partially obscured by a red question mark

(Image credit: Future)

We expected Apple to drop the ad on its new slates just over an hour and 60 minutes later, still nothing from the company’s newsroom. All that means, however, is that the departure time should be getting a lot closer – maybe things will change in 50 minutes…

Row of iPads on Blue Background with  Deals Logo and iPad Cheap Deals Title Text

(Image credit: Future)

If you’re already tempted by the current lineup of iPads or are waiting for the potential price drop of the new iPads we’re expecting today, stay tuned to our Best iPad Deals roundup, which is constantly being updated to bring you the best prices on the boards. Apple’s award-winning

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Our US Editor-in-Chief Lance Ulanoff is practically peeking at the pixels to find out if this is secretly an Apple Pencil 3 in Cook’s post, or just the company’s current-gen pen. At first glance, it looks like the latter, unfortunately.

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Here’s that Tim Cook tweet we mentioned. ‘#TakeNote’ is the tagline for today’s announcement, and as the included video zooms in on what appears to be an endless tunnel of animated doodles, you’ll start to see clues as to what Apple’s focus will be today.

Digital art being worked on on an iPad Pro with an Apple Pencil 2

(Image credit: Future / Josephine Watson)

The iPad’s ability to facilitate a variety of digital creatives was not lost on ‘s managing editor for Lifestyle – Josie Watson, who is also an artist in her spare time.

She’s already compiled a list of features she’d like to see in this year’s iPad Pros. What do you think?

Apple Store online I'll be right back

(Image credit: Apple)

Good morning (or afternoon depending on where you’re tuning in). All signs point to Apple releasing its new iPads any day now, with the Apple Store purchase pages for iPads set to ‘come back soon’ and Tim Cook releasing a tantalizing tweet.

Let’s dive.

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