Can imminent 5G services help bring the dull smartphone market to life?

The much talked about 5G spectrum auctions are over. The auctions, which unexpectedly spanned 7 days, netted the government a record Rs 1,50,173 crore — this is the biggest sale of radio waves in India. Altogether, of the total 72,098 MHz of spectrum available at auction with a validity period of 20 years, 51,236 MHz were sold to bidders.

The four companies in the fray bid on predictable lines with market leader (in terms of subscriber base) Reliance Jio (Rs 88,078 crore) and others like Bharti Airtel (Rs 43,084 crore) and Vodafone-Idea (Rs 18,799 crore) offering based on their current financial realities. The Adani group, who later and by surprise entered the field, contributed Rs. 212 crore for the auction kitten.

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