Google Finally Fixes Annoying Android Auto Dark Mode Issue for Google Maps

If you rely on Google Maps to help you navigate while driving, then maybe it’s time to celebrate as Google has finally fixed Android Auto’s annoying dark mode issue.

Before the update dropped, Android smartphone users may have noticed that Android Auto always loads Google Maps in dark mode. Even if your smartphone and personal settings were configured, you were forced to follow a dark map on your travels.

Dataminer Elden Ring restores vital questline for a key NPC

It’s not surprising that a big game like Elden Ring harbors significant cut content, and a modder has just restored a previously deleted questline for a key NPC.

YouTuber Sekiro Dubi is a well-known figure in Elden Ring circles. Having previously discovered removed dialogue for Miriel, a removed questline for Vyke, and more, his latest discovery centers on Merchant Kalé. One of the first NPCs encountered in the game, he was seen in Elleh’s Church, but now we find that he’s already played a much bigger role.

This retro-inspired Casio adventure watch is made from beans…

Casio will launch the Pro Trek PRW-3400 outdoor adventure watch in July, a dual LCD watch with navigation tools made from sustainable “biomass plastics”.

First reported by the Casio fan blog G-Central (opens in new tab) and outdoor location adventure (opens in new tab), the watch brings back the dual dual-layer LCD screens seen on previous Pro Trek models. The deeper, embedded layer shows the time like a standard digital clock, but the top layer reveals information for the included altimeter/barometer, compass, and thermometer, as well as sunrise and sunset times.

Starfield Detectives Find More Clues That a Dark Daggerfall Feature Will Return

The financial system of Starfield’s world may play a bigger role in the game than many suspected, as fans have uncovered more hints that Bethesda’s upcoming sci-fi RPG will involve an interstellar banking system.

Excited Starfield fans have been meticulously scouring their footage of the game since they were first shown during the recent Xbox and Bethesda Showcase. While detectives had previously noted that the character creation scheme mentioned a mortgage system and a fictitious company called GalBank, more hidden references to the bank were seen in Starfield’s environment.

Microsoft Teams update will finally fix this annoying PDF issue

Accessing PDF files in Microsoft Teams should be much easier soon, thanks to a new update to the video conferencing platform.

Microsoft has announced that it is working to make the PDF experience much smoother for users of the popular Adobe Acrobat tool.

OM System OM-5 camera rumors could soon take over the Canon EOS R7

The long-awaited return of affordable mirrorless cameras is likely to continue this year, with the rumored OM System OM-5 getting a possible release date for its potential battle with the Canon EOS R7.

The OM-5 is expected to be the cheaper sibling of the OM System OM-1, which is one of the best mirrorless cameras we’ve seen in 2022. And the generally reliable 43 Rumors (opens in new tab) states that the new camera “will be announced at the end of September and will begin shipping in October”.

Move over AirPods Max: These new Master & Dynamic over-ears want their crown

New York audio specialist Master & Dynamic has just released the new MW75 wireless ANC over-ears, and just look at them! On aesthetics alone, they’re bound to give Apple’s AirPods Max (and any of the best headphones currently on the market) a run for their money. — and speaking of money, they come at a price to make Apple make a dramatic turnaround, too.

Let’s cut to the chase: cost-of-living crisis be damned, Master & Dynamic’s new premium headphones are $599 / £549 / €599, which is pretty expensive – and by that we mean they’re as expensive as the launch price of Apple’s premium headphones (which arrived in December 2020 with an order fee of $549 / £549 / AU$899).

Wait, is Microsoft seducing Chrome kids with Minecraft money?

Microsoft is well known for putting products like the Edge browser and the Bing search engine under our noses at every opportunity. But some people are just discovering that the software giant is happy to pay users to use its services, for example offering Minecraft ‘Minecoins’ to users who make the switch – a marketing tactic that seems to target a younger audience.

Getting paid to use Edge or Bing isn’t a new thing – Microsoft Rewards has been offered for a few years now and rewards users with points for using the products for an extended period.

GitHub’s AI Coding Wizard is now available to everyone – and free to some

Github has announced that its AI-powered coding assistant, Copilot, has entered general availability.

Released in private preview last yearGitHub Copilot is now available to all developers for a price of $10/month or $100/year – and at no cost to students and network maintainers. open code projects.

Anker’s Sport X10 headphones have a wild new twist on the in-ear fit

Anker is releasing a new pair of wireless athletic headphones under its Soundcore brand, which feature a unique hook design to fit snugly in your ears.

They’re called the Sport X10 headphones and were, the company says, made with comfort in mind. in a statement (opens in new tab), Anker claims that people have complained about how the athletic headphones have a “bulky design” and often fall off during a sweaty workout. Anker’s solution was to add ear hooks that can rotate 210 degrees so people can adjust the buttons until they find the sweet spot.