Google Nest Cam battery variant launches in India along with Tata Play Secure services

Google Nest Cam finally debuted in India in collaboration with Tata Play, formerly known as Tata Sky. Google Nest Cam is based on battery operation and will work with Tata Play’s satellite-based platform, which provides a smooth experience to users.

In addition, Tata Play Secure and Tata Play Secure Plus have also been introduced to the Indian market. Services consist of battery-powered Google Nest Cam, Google Nest Mini and an annual Nest Aware subscription. The device and subscription is a boon for small-scale offices and homes for improved alerts, management through the Google Home app, video quality, improved alerts, etc.

Google Nest Cam Pricing and Availability

(Image credit: Tata Play)

Google Nest Cam is available at a price of Rs 11,999. You can buy the device from the official Tata Play website. It will be available with two subscription models – Tata Play Secure and Tata Play Secure Play Plus.

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