Indian Railways has solved its main obstacle in the recruitment exam with the help of Google Maps

Candidates who have had trouble attending Indian Railways recruitment exams in distant locations will have good news. The Rail Recruitment Board (RRB) in India will use the power of Google Maps to ensure that prospective candidates receive the exam centers closest to them.

according to one report (opens in new tab) by The Hindu, an Indian Railways official confirmed that most applicants would be given a testing center within 300km of their PIN code. However, these would be specific to parts of the country and the number of test centers available in the region. The RRB-NTPC also stated that female applicants will receive centers within a 400 km radius of their PIN code.

RRB said the system will use Google Maps to match the applicant and testing center PIN code. In addition, it will take into account the distance to test centers when traveling by train or road.

(Image credit: Google)

Nearly 60,000 candidates are expected to attend the recruitment exam to be held in August at 90 testing centers across the country. The exam will aim to fill 7,026 vacancies at Indian Railways.

Technology is useful again

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