iOS 16 brings a much-needed feature to make unit conversions easier

iOS 16 is months away from an official release, but there are new features that are discovered by users testing it. The latest feature can benefit many of us here in India when it comes to conversion metrics in our iPhones. Recently discovered in a tweet by the editor-in-chief of MacStories, which shows that Apple’s first-party apps can detect text and provide options for converting data. This includes temperatures, time zones, and other unit-of-measure conversions as well. While the tweet does not indicate that the feature is region-specific, there is a possibility that it will be available for all regions.

As seen in the screenshot, the feature works similarly to how the date and time are captured in a text message. While previously you could create a calendar invite with the time provided, this requires us to manually update the details according to our respective time zones. The feature currently works in Apple’s Notes, iMessageMail and Calendar apps.

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