Naenka Runner Diver Review |

Naenka Runner Diver Core Specifications

Waterproof Standard: IPX8

Battery life: 10 hours

Storage: 16GB

Audio formats: MP3 and FLAC

Weight: 33g

two minute review

The waterproof Naenka Runner Diver headphones are unique among best waterproof headphones and best bone conduction headphones. Like most underwater audio players, they can store multiple MP3 files (remember them?) so you can listen to music, podcasts, or audiobooks while swimming.

However, they do have something most rivals don’t have in the form of a Bluetooth module. It doesn’t work underwater, so you can’t stream to them using a smartphone in your sun bed, but you can switch to it when you’re on land. In an instant, it transforms these waterproof headphones from a one-trick gadget into a good lifestyle accessory to use at the pool, at the gym, during a run, and even in the office.

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