Prime day deals 2022 live: Echo, Apple Watch, 4K TVs, Sony headphones on sale


I’m getting a lot of J-Lo and BeyoncĂ© on this playlist. I am not against. Remember when Jennifer Lopez did two versions of that song ‘Ain’t It Funny’? I’m hearing the good.

She’s really in shape these days, I was reading Brother Tom’s Guide the other day. She’s a machine in the gym.

Blink and You’ll Miss it – Blink Mini and Outdoor for $59.99

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Ah, the Blink Mini. The indoor camera that could. The camera we really liked in our review – with its compact dimensions and ‘crisp video quality’.

And then you can pair that with the Blink Outdoor – where the small is designed for indoors, in the heat with a nice cup of hot chocolate, the outdoor model is chunky. Alone. Hardcore. Watching intruders at all times.

But together – phew, what a duo. And you can buy them for a record-breaking $59.99 in a cheeky little package. – that is a SUPERIOR OFFER in my book.

Spice Girls AppleMusic

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I really miss the Spice Girls. Just joined the playlist I’m listening to – 2 become 1if you’re interested – and they shone so brightly for such a short period of time.

I still think live forever it was a sadder song. But that’s just me.

An Apple Watch 7! Cheaper than ever at $279!

Experimental street dancer Jin Lee Baobei wearing the new Pride Edition Sport Loop strap for Apple Watch

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See experimental street dancer Jin Lee Baobei wearing the new Pride Edition Sport Loop strap for Apple Watch. She’s so pleased with her new wrist outfit, and I bet she paid full price. Or maybe Apple gave it to her as part of the campaign, who knows.

Anyway, you You don’t have to pay full price (or start a career in experimental street dancing if you don’t want to) to buy a new Apple Watch.

Per $279 you can get the 41mm Apple Watch 7 – I’ve used one for months and the larger screen is certainly nicer to look at, although I’m still hoping for two days of battery life.

If you want the larger 45mm version, then you will need to spend $309which is still quite reasonable.

Okay, hello and welcome to our live blog leading lucky US residents of A to the best deals during Prime Day 2022. Are you ready to join us in a bonanza of deals?

I hope you are – I’ve been doing this business scouting for almost a decade, and I love – no, I love – a live blog to take you through them all.

Grab a cool drink, sit back and let business wash over you like a refreshing, calm river (but obviously only spend on the things you truth we want – we don’t want people to overspend or get buyers’ remorse here.

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