Shadow and Bone season 2: everything we know so far

Shadow and Bone season 2: key info

– No official release date yet
– Second season coming in 2023
– First teaser full of fantasy-based action and drama
– Production wrapped in early June
– Key characters returning from first season
– Fan favorite characters set to be introduced
– May be based on three books in the fantasy series
– Unclear if a third season will be greenlit

The launch date for Shadow and Bone season 2 draws ever nearer. With the fantasy show’s first teaser released in late September, the countdown is truly on for its return.

And, simply put, we can’t wait. We really enjoyed what Shadow and Bone season 1 had to offer from a genre standpoint, so we’re excited for the underrated Netflix series’ return. It’s coming sometime in 2023 and, with production wrapping way back in June, we’re crossing our fingers and praying to the saints that an official launch date announcement isn’t far off.

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