Apple AR headset may need two Apple Watches to control it

Apple may not yet have officially announced its plans for the much-hyped Apple AR/VR headset hardware, but its recent patents are apparently revealing some of its plans – with the latest teasing a new way to use the Apple Watch to control a headset.

How users control AR experiences is an area that many companies have tried, with some having more success than others. Google’s original Google Glass headphones introduced weird head movements and Nreal Air glasses forced you to use your smartphone – a difficult task when you really can’t see it with the glasses on. The only company to crack it so far is Meta with their Oculus Quest 2 (opens in new tab) AR features rely on regular controllers or manual tracking, making for a much smoother experience.

Apple decided to take a different path. Based on a recent patent application (discovered by patented apple (opens in new tab)) Apple will apparently reinvent the wheel with a setup that relies on a headset user strapping two Apple Watch-like devices together — one on each wrist. While not explicitly called Apple Watches, the diagrams look much similar to the California tech giant’s smartwatch, complete with touchscreen and digital crowns.

An Apple Watch on each wrist – sounds a little silly, doesn’t it. (Image credit: Apple / Patently Apple)

When a watch is in each hand, wearables will be able to use their electrodes to track gestures and various points of contact on people’s palms so they can control what they see on an Apple AR/VR headset.

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