Want VR… without a headset? This 3D monitor can do just that.

Do you want to experience the immersion that comes with VR but don’t support using a headset? Well, Dimenco’s simulated reality display might be just what you need.

First shown at CES 2022, Dimenco’s SR Pro Display uses a unique combination of lenticular lenses, image processing and eye tracking to create a 3D image. Best of all, just like the Nintendo 3DS, you don’t need a pair of glasses to see objects popping out of the screen.

At Siggraph 2022, I had the chance to check out Dimenco’s SR display and run a few laps in Project Cars 2.

Dimenco’s SR Pro Display looks as sci-fi as you’d expect. (Image credit: Dimenco)

Usually when I get behind the wheel of a virtual car, my real-life driving skills disappear. I misjudge the curves of the track terribly and skid off the track into the barriers that surround my route. However, playing Project Cars 2 in 3D was a definite game-changer.

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