Would you like to have the new iPhone 14 Pro Dynamic Island? Android has an app for that.

Apple’s Dynamic Island feature on the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max has only been available for a short time, and a developer has already turned it into an app for Android devices.

Dynamic Island is a seismic change to the iPhone, with this new feature replacing the notch with a cutout that houses interactive notifications, but Android users don’t need to feel like they’re missing out.

With dynamic point (opens in new tab)you will see a feature similar to Dynamic Island appear next to the hole or notch on your Android smartphone and you can use it to interact with notifications or control your music.

(Image credit: dynamicSpot)

Installing the app is a simple matter, and you can customize the height and width of this jack on Dynamic Island so that it fits perfectly into the hole or notch on your device.

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